Teriyaki Roasted Mushrooms on Steak - pic supplied

From the Mushrooms SA Blogger Recipe Challenge,  these whole roasted mushrooms (marinated in Teriyaki sauce with garlic, ginger & thyme) will take your next grilled steak to the next level - perfect for #Easter entertaining.

Teriyaki sauce is the perfect combination of sweet and savoury - that will add even more umami to your mushrooms. No cutting or stirring involved, just shake them in a bag with the marinade, spread on a baking tray and roast on a high temperature.

Cooking time: 25 minutes

(serves 4)


1/2 cup (125 ml) Teriyaki sauce

2 cloves garlic, finely grated

1 tablespoon (15 ml) fresh ginger, finely grated

3-4 thyme thyme sprigs, leaves only

400 g whole mushrooms (I used 250 g big brown mushrooms and 150 g small button mushrooms)

about 4 x 200 g beef steak (I used aged bone-in sirloin)

45 ml olive oil

salt & pepper to taste

Teriyaki Mushrooms - pic supplied


Line a standard baking tray with foil and pre-heat oven to 230 C.

Pour the Teriyaki sauce into a large zip-sealing bag. Add the grated garlic & ginger, seal and give it a shake. 

Add the mushrooms, press out the excess air, seal and shake well to cover the mushrooms all over.

Pour the marinated mushrooms out on the lined tray and arrange in a single layer, stem-side up for larger mushrooms. 

Roast for 20 minutes at 230 C until caramelized & tender.

While the mushrooms and roasting, brush the steaks with oil on both sides and season generously with salt & pepper. 

Heat a large pan (preferably an iron skillet) over high heat until it reaches smoking point. Pan-fry the steaks to your preferred liking - I prefer medium-rare, which is about 3,5 minutes a side. 

Don’t fuss too much over the steaks, just let them do their thing and turn once - they will generate a lot of smoke, so open a kitchen window.

When the steaks are done, transfer them to a plate/platter and cover with foil to rest for 5 minutes at room temperature.

Remove the mushrooms from the oven once they are brown and tender with sticky darker bits on the edges of the pan.

Serve the steaks immediately after resting, topped generously with the whole roasted mushrooms and served with a side salad.


These Teriyaki roasted mushrooms are an excellent topping on fluffy baked potatoes,  creamy polenta or risotto, but also work so well at room temperature in a salad with rocket, avo and feta. 

Not all Teriyaki sauces are the same - taste yours and adjust seasoning if necessary.

Recipe courtesy of Ilse van der Merwe - www.thefoodfox.com