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The Fleur de Courvoisier cocktail by Bonang, is the embodiment of a few of Bonang’s favourite things, with even her delicate elegance reflected in its name, “the flower of Courvoisier”.

“With this cocktail I wanted to add a modern sophistication to Courvoisier’s timeless elegance,” says Bonang.

“My favourite era was the 1980s - its outlandish fashion and thrilling music scene – when everything popped and people were out dancing and celebrating. I added bright textured raspberries, shaken into the delicate mix, strained into a pre-chilled martini glass, and garnished with pink rose petals, keeping to an elegant final touch.”

As for the ingredients, Courvoisier® mixologist, Devin Cross was inspired by Bonang’s love for sweet flamours and her fondness for holidaying in Thailand, while the cognac’s notes perfectly capture Bonang’s free-spirited personality.

“This motivated my choice of Courvoisier® V.S., which is a cognac with a fruity taste and a bouquet filled with flowers. The cocktail takes its rosy tint from rose syrup mixed with egg white, inspired by Bonang’s favourite colour, pink, and a splash of lemon to illuminate her optimism and achievements,” says Devin.

Bonang’s cocktail will be made available at Wishbone Cafe and Bistro in Sandown. Also look out for the Courvoisier Touch by Tbo which will be available at Kraal Restaurant and Bofokeng Corner Restaurant as well as the soon to be revealed Courvoisier Noir, by David Tlale which will be available at Asanka Restaurant.


50 ml Courvoisier V.S.

25 ml Fresh Lemon Juice

25 ml Rose Liquer

5 Raspberries

1 Egg White


Mix ingredients together and shake into the delicate blend and strain into a pre-chilled martini glass. 
Garnish with pink rose petals.