Eggs are the stars of any decent breakfast. Picture: AP
Eggs are the stars of any decent breakfast. Picture: AP

WATCH: How to boil an egg the right way

By Staff Reporter Time of article published Jan 6, 2020

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Eggs are the stars of any decent breakfast. They may be easy to fry, but when it comes to boiling them, that's a different story.

In a recent blog post, staff writer Anna Cottrell shared her tricks on how to achieve perfect results every time.

Soft boiled eggs

"If you love your eggs soft-boiled, with a runny centre, boil them for five to five and a half minutes maximum," writes Cottrell. Her pro tip is to make sure the water is boiling before adding the eggs to the pot. And always make sure the eggs are fully submerged in the water. 

"After they're done boiling, put them in cold water for half a minute to make them easier to handle."

Hard boiled eggs

If you like your eggs hard boiled, Cottrell recommends letting them simmer for at least 11 minutes. "We don't recommend boiling the for longer than 11 minutes, as the yolk will go too dry," she added.

Last-minute tip:

Many amateur cooks always ask whether they should salt the water for eggs. "Yes – always add a pinch of salt to your boiling water just before adding the eggs," she writes. "Salted water is hotter (fact) and even prevents the eggs from cracking."

British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver also brings his egg-cooking hacks to the kitchen. In the below video, he gets down to basics to make sure you never cook an egg the wrong way again. Dippy with soldiers or hard-boiled for a salad, he gives a step-by-step guide on achieving success.

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