Carrot bacon. Picture: Supplied
Carrot bacon. Picture: Supplied

WATCH: How to make 'bacon' using just carrots

By Lutho Pasiya Time of article published Apr 20, 2020

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The vegan diet has grown over the years, as more and more people start opting for a healthier lifestyle and better eating habits.

So, whether you are looking to mix it into the ultimate macaroni cheese, customise a vegan burger or fry it into your chickpea omelette, finding a great alternative to bacon can be simple.

That said, vegan chef, Tabitha Brown took to social media last week to show her followers how they can make 'bacon' using carrots. 

Claiming it tastes just like the real thing, Brown starts by peeling the carrot lengthwise - using a potato peeler to create thin strips.

"I’m about to make carrot bacon uh-huh. Now you've got a few strips, but if you want more than this, then do that because that's your business,” she says. 

Brown then creates a marinade using ingredients including liquid smoke, maple syrup, and garlic powder, before cooking them in an air fryer for five minutes.

“Take it out and baby you got some bacon. Now let's check the crunch. Listen real good," she says while crunching down on the food. 

Followers were impressed commenting that they will try it. 

Oh_chile_please said, “I’ve seen a lot of things in my life, but carrot bacon, I've never seen. I might try.” 

Epicsoul said, “Definitely making this tomorrow with some grits.”

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