Chocolate dipped vetkoek.
On Saturday we celebrate World Chocolate Day and what better way to celebrate the day than indulging in copious amounts of our favourite chockie .

Chocolate has come a long way and no longer just comes in dark, white or milk chocolate.  Cape Town based Chef Jenny Ward from Chefs restaurant says chocolate trends are similar to coffee trends as people are showing more interest in the origin of the cocoa bean. 

“People are also establishing if it is a single origin or a blend, as they would do with coffee,  looking at the percentage of cocoa for health reasons as t he higher the percentage of cocoa, the better it is for your health.”

Other trends include unusual pairings like a chocolate dipped vetkoek - y es, chocolate dipped vetkoek is a thing, and by following the simple steps in the video below, you can make your own:  

Here's how to make your own chocolate dipped vetkoek. Video: Snowflake