Venchi is renowned for their walls of flowing chocolate.
New York — Turin, a Northern Italian city known for chocolate confections, is home to Venchi, a 140-year-old company that has opened a shop in New York City. 

The Manhattan store offers an immersive experience: A wall of chocolate bars and bins of wrapped chocolate bonbons lead to the rear lounge, with three walls of flowing chocolate “waterfalls” (glass protects visitors from splatter). 

Warm chocolate-hazelnut sauce is dispensed at a counter near the entrance to embellish rich gelati, mostly in chocolate and nut flavours, made in- house. 

Other counters and shelves are filled with stacks of chocolate and nut bark and boxed assortments ready for gift-giving. 

The offerings range from chocolate mousse or truffles to the more unique Venchi specialties of Gianduja, Giandujotto and Nougatine that are rich in hazelnuts. Those craving a cool moment in the city that never sleeps can enjoy the artisanal gelato in a variety of refreshing flavours.