This dessert looks just like a baby banana. Picture: Instagram (Jungsik)
This dessert looks just like a baby banana. Picture: Instagram (Jungsik)

WATCH: This dessert looks just like a baby banana

By Lutho Pasiya Time of article published Sep 10, 2019

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We all love to eat, and when you are presented with unique food creations it can make the dining experience so much more exciting.

Instead of the comforts of cake, and chocolate ice cream, some restaurants decide that dessert should be as strange as possible because it adds to the spectacle of food. 

Talking about strange dessert creations, a "New Korean" restaurant situated in New York City called Jungsik is serving a dessert that looks just like a baby banana, and it happens to be one of their signature desserts. 

The dessert was created by one of the restaurants pastry chefs, Eunji Lee who was inspired by how popular banana-flavoured treats are in South Korea. 

According to the video, the baby banana takes three days to make. 

Going through the method, they first make dulcey cream from blonde valrhona chocolate. 

Next comes the banana cremeux filling. After that, the creams are placed in a fridge overnight. The dulcey cream is whipped, and the cream is piped into a silicone mold. 

After that, the banana cremeux is layered on top then small slices of banana cake are added in. 

A final layer of dulcey cream is poured on. The banana mould is then placed in the freezer. When they are hard, they are dipped into yellow-coloured white chocolate, and milk chocolate is sprayed-painted on. 

The final touch is cocoa powder which is used to add realistic details. 

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