The best of Italy on a plate at Bocca. Picture by Hein Van Tonder.

Eateries come and go on Bree Street, but the taste of Italy that Bocca serves up has become an established one. 

New owners Guido and Adnana Brambilla have revamped the menu and the dining space. 

They bring decades of experience in international hospitality to the  Mother City. 

Before taking the keys to Bocca, the pair was based in Bermuda; Guido as executive chef for a major international hotel, while Adnana was in charge of sales and  marketing for a collection of respected restaurants. 

“After eight years in Bermuda we  were looking for a change and, of course, our first thought was Cape Town because we really love the city,” says Adnana. “We’d had enough of working in  hotels, and were looking for something more personal.  

Bocca is revamped just in time for summer. Picture by Hein Van Tonder.

“We wanted to create a space where people can experience a taste of modern Italian cuisine. 

You can come by yourself and sit at the counter for a  glass of wine and a few small plates, or arrive as a group and experience a  selection of dishes. 

It’s place for people to connect over food.”  That concept comes to form the “bites” section of  Guido’s new menu, where authentic Italian flavours are  refined into a selection of small plates  ideal for sharing. 

Think stracciatella with roasted cherry tomatoes and confit  eggplant. Panzanella salad of sourdough and seasonal tomatoes is another hit, while the polpo of Atlantic  octopus with potatoes and basil pesto is a classic Mediterranean plate.

The “crispy” section features orto  fritto of zucchini, asparagus and artichokes. Want something meaty? 

Try polpettine meatballs of beef, pork and  lamb, dipped into a fresh mayo verde. There’s also great seafood – and pastas, of course. 

Bocca is open for lunch and dinner,  Monday to Saturday. 021 422 0188.