Truth celebrates diversity with their new menu. Picture: Crave Photography

Award-winning coffee shop, Truth has launched Cape Town’s first "Gastro-Kaap" dining experience where visitors can enjoy traditional cuisine at its best. 

Founder David Donde and his team felt inspired to do for the local food scene what they’ve done for coffee by expanding their culinary offerings to include dinner, and extending their opening hours to midnight. 

Truth has introduced a new menu called the sowf effrekin menu which is a celebration of how diversity has defined food in South Africa. Picture: Crave Photography

According to the cafe's website, their menu is a celebration of how diversity has defined food in South Africa, and in the Cape, more specifically. 

“Here in the Cape, we are a bit twisted. Who can blame us? A diverse cultural heritage is a serious understatement. Diversity is all about the upsides. Yes, our glasses tend to run half full. This is us embracing that good stuff and deliberately getting it all wrong in the most delicious way. Celebrating and honouring the culture that we all grew up with and are so proud to be a part of it. Shoo-wow, Gastro-Kaap is a thing, don’t hate us please,” they said. 

Truth has introduced a new menu. Picture: Crave Photography

“The menu celebrates our diversity and traditions, icons and clichés without taking them too seriously. Locals will appreciate the effort we’ve gone to elevate and create luxury versions of everyday staples like pap and wors, samoosas and frikkadels. 

"For non-locals, we have put together a comprehensive glossary explaining everything from babalas and bredie to papsak, Oros and regmakers. We don’t want to say too much about this new offering and detract from the delight that awaits our customers. 

"There simply is nowhere else in Cape Town to show off nostalgic local cuisine in an unconventional romantic environment. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised,” said Donde.