Bocca Restaurant. Picture: Tegan Smith Photography
Bocca Restaurant. Picture: Tegan Smith Photography

Heat not burn dining experience at Bocca

By IOL Supplied Time of article published Apr 6, 2019

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Philip Morris South Africa hosted a one-of-a-kind experimental dining experience for media last night at Bree Street’s urban Italian eatery, Bocca Restaurant to demonstrate the benefits of heating instead of burning.

The aim of the experience was to showcase the difference between heated vs. burned ingredients and the impact this has on using different cooking methods while introducing media to IQOS, the better alternative to smoking.

While the name Bocca might not be new, the restaurant relaunched in November 2018 with new owners Guido and Adnana Brambilla who have revamped the menu and refreshed the décor to offer diners urban Italian cuisine with a fresh new twist. The restaurant currently uses different heating methods to bring out key flavours in their signature dishes.

Marcelo Nico, MC for the event  Thabiso “Thabzy” Makhubela and Guido Brambilla. Picture: Tegan Smith Photography 

“We developed this experience with Guido and Adnana to showcase the difference between ingredients that are heated vs. burned while introducing media to a better alternative for adult smokers who would otherwise continue to use cigarettes,” says Marcelo Nico, Managing Director of Philip Morris South Africa. “The experience provided an opportunity to demonstrate the difference between heated tobacco versus tobacco that is burned.”

Guido Brambilla welcoming guests. Picture: Tegan Smith Photography

“Diners were shown experiments that demonstrated the difference between heating and burning different ingredients like olive oil, garlic and spices while tasting the effect a lower heat has on a specific dish, says owner and executive chef Guido Brambilla. “We used our popular pasta dish Crudaiolo, which is specifically prepared on a low heat to achieve the optimal desired flavours of the garlic, chill and the other flavourful ingredients.”

Many people don’t understand how scientific cooking with different flavours and heat can be, for example Brambilla says, “Olive oil when burnt produces a bitter flavour unlike garlic which has two very different flavour profiles when heated and burned, equally delicious but changes the entire flavour of the dish.”

A guest enjoying IQOS while having dinner. Picture: Tegan Smith Photography

“As restaurant owners we understand the challenges that smokers have when dining out, which is why we are happy to allow patrons to use IQOS in our establishment as there is no smoke” adds Brambilla. “What’s more my wife and I are both avid users of IQOS and the benefits that we have felt after switching is that we no longer smell like smoke and there is no aftertaste. Overall using the product in our restaurant environment is that we don’t have the smell that comes with traditional cigarette smoking.”

“We really enjoyed bringing together the elements of heat not burn into a real-world demonstration of the impact that heating vs burning has on food, lifestyle and environments” concludes Brambilla.

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