Poke winter broth Picture: Hokey Poke Instagram
The weather his week is the reason why Hokey Poke in Church Street introduced hot broths to their otherwise cold menu.

What could be better than a warm, wholesome, vegetable dashi filled with the freshest ingredients?

Dashi is a clear noodle broth of Japanese decent, the flavours are earthy and subtle but provide a bowl of comfort unparalleled on a cold winter’s day.

There are two broths to choose from on their menu. First there is the steaming vegetable broth, rich in flavour, with silky shitake mushrooms and an array of additives which mesh together to create a delicious slurp.

You can’t miss the kick of the fresh ginger. There are also bak choi, pumpkin, radish, turnip and a few other veggies which transform the broth into a masterpiece. It could also be the furikake seasoning that brings the flavour.

If you add salmon as an extra, the cubes of fish start cooking as they hit the piping hot broth and when you scoop them up, they melt in your mouth like butter.

It is amazing that in such a short space of time they manage to soak up so much of flavour from the dashi.

You could also add teriyaki tofu, tuna, chicken, beef or prawns depending on what you feel like.

The velvety noodles are way more filling than you expect them to be.

The second hot broth is similar to the first, the base tastes a lot alike but the difference is the addition of lime and quail eggs.

Piping Hot Broth. Just ask for No. 9.

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It is also a wonderfully balanced broth, if you want to kick it up an Asian notch you can add some coconut milk. Or you can stick with chicken, beef or prawn. I didn’t find the prawn too enticing, the broth didn’t miss the prawn taste. It was good enough on its own.

The winter broths will stay on the menu until the end of September or the end of the cold, whichever comes first.

There are enough cold, wet, wintry days left to warm your cockles with a well-balanced, healthy, delicious bowl of broth - Hokey Poke style!