Quinoa and roasted veg salad. Picture supplied
If you've ever been to Yumcious in Green Point then you'll know that Jenny Morris' eatery is like a home away from home.

Now Yumcious has opened its doors in the De Ville Centre in Durbanville, Cape Town. 

Morris' second store is much like her first — there's hearty, home-style cooking, with generous portions and dishes packed full of flavour.

Roasted pork belly. Picture supplied.
At Yumcious there is the Kilo Table, where you can dish a plate of food, weigh and pay. The bistro-style dining does not lack in yumminess. Morris and her team pride themselves on using only the freshest ingredients, keeping meals simple and tasty.

The butter chicken, crab salad and speciality breads are a triumph, I suggest you start off with a little of everything and go back for seconds of your favourite.

Dessert is also not an afterthought. On any given day you will find that Yumcious has a decadent chocolate cake and a carrot cake on the menu that is worth every bite. The icing on the Yumcious carrot cake is light and not too sweet, it's absolute perfection.

If you're looking for a taste of home and a hearty meal then look no further than the menu at Yumcious.