Lady Bonin’s Tea Bar which is set to close down.

It’s a sad time for tea lovers in the Cape as one of their favourite and the very first dedicated tea bar in the city closes its doors.

The tea bar has been in business since 2016. 

In a Facebook post the company announced that it is with sadness and simultaneous joy that they announce the closing of their Long Street Tea Bar.

The statement reads: “This decision has not been taken lightly. We are pooling our energy and resources into growing our factory, online shop and wholesale avenues. The ending of one thing clears the way for many others. The nature of the world is impermanence, and in that nature, adaptation to change. And so we flow, like the transience of a beautiful pot of tea.”  

“We want to thank everyone for your amazing support over the last 7 years. Because of you we were able to do something magical, we pioneered a revolution in Tea and were the first to introduce many innovations in our little space, often times before the rest of the world. It has opened a new world of possibilities for Tea and that beautiful ripple can be seen all over. We are grateful to have been pioneers! Thank you, thank you.”

The company also posted that their last trading day will be on the 31st of January 2019 and that there will be a closing down sale which happens to be a 40% off on all teas.