DAINTY: Delheim cupcake and wine pairing.
At Delheim, the heritage and legacy of Spatz Sperling - a pioneer in the South African wine industry, who sadly died earlier this month - continues to be celebrated.

Here, in the tasting room with its windows shrouded with ancient cobwebs and visits by the family’s pack of Jack Russells, you can indulge in a cupcake and wine pairing.

From left to right - as tastings go - we began with a lovely light Pinotage rosé full of ripe red fruity aromas brought out by the 4% Muscadel. The cupcake, with grenadine-flavoured cream cheese icing, picks up on the pomegranate notes. It’s worth remarking Delheim has been making this rosé for 41 years.

A rooibos cupcake infused with lemon and topped with cream cheese and honey icing is matched with the Wild Ferment Chenin Blanc (no added yeast). There’s a fair amount of wood in this one which makes it a wonderful food wine.

The Pinotage pairs well with a spicy pumpkin cupcake - star anise, cinnamon and nutmeg.

Lastly, Gewürztraminer, with its riot of floral, zesty, tropical elements, is sipped with a makataan (wild melon preserve) cupcake. This is also a great wine to have with curries.

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