Radisson Red’s Hotel's Skinny Dip and Khoi Cloud which formed the next steps in Red’s drink evolution. Supplied

If you love gin then you are in for a treat at the Radisson Red, because you can now create your very own one-of-a-kind gin.

The hotel, which is situated at V&A Waterfront, recently launched its own botanical gin blending bar which offers a step-by-step guide for those wanting to make their own distinct flavoured of gin.

The hotel's curator, Dale Simpson, says their gin-blending experience and the production of two of their own gins, Skinny Dip and Khoi Cloud, formed the next steps in their drink evolution. 

"We opened the hotel a year ago with Battle of the Bottles (a craft beer competition) and the launching of our own brew, Baxter's Bitchin Blonde. Our gin experience takes our in-house-brands and offering to the next level. We also partnered to create the perfect tonic called A'Tonic Blonde.  

Radisson Red's botanical gin blending bar. Supplied

"We have a total of twelve botanical flavours such as sage and thyme, lemon and orange, grapefruit, rose etc. One of the most popular with our foreign guests is the fynbos mix. For those experienced gin drinkers there is also juniper to really strengthen the gin flavour. The juniper berry is the active ingredient that makes gin, gin," says Simpson.

He says the aim of this unique experience is to allow people to be creative and personalise the gin that they will be drinking.

"We want to see people having fun, be social and engaging with their taste pallet. This also allows people to engage and experience it from the production element. We offer gin blending in different sizes so that the experience can be enjoyed by an individual as well as a group of friends. After deciding the size of the bottle, one of our creatives will take you through the process explaining how gin is made, the different botanicals on offer and what flavour profiles you could work with”

"For example for a spicy flavour profile, the best blends would include spiced cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg and orange. These will give you a warm spicy gin. Other flavour profiles could be floral, citrus or even herbaceous. For the more adventurous using the blending guidelines any botanicals can be selected. Once the base gin has been poured and the botanicals added, we bottle the gin and you get to add your personal label. We pair our gin blending with A’Tonic Blonde, a craft soda developed with a light quinine content which really allows the gin flavours to shine through,” says Simpson.

For more info visit https://www.radissonred.com/cape-town/