Addis in Cape has decided to close its doors. Picture: Supplied
Addis in Cape has decided to close its doors. Picture: Supplied

Patrons bid farewell to Cape Town restaurant Addis in Cape

By Lutho Pasiya Time of article published Aug 11, 2020

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Addis in Cape, a restaurant based at the corner of Church and Long street in Cape Town, has decided to close its doors. The restaurant is owned by Senait Mekonnen, a well-known restaurateur.

In a Facebook post, Mekonnen announced she had tried everything she could to not have to tear down “this lovely place called Addis in Cape”.

The statement reads: “Dearest Addis fans, suppliers, co-working companies and Cape Town tourism. I am the owner of Addis in Cape, the big red building on the corner of Church and Long street. I always try to look outwards and travel with a bright light, welcoming change wherever I go. However, the change that is currently taking place for all of us isn’t what I imagined or expected was even possible. This isn’t really a choice as much as it’s allowing myself to go with the flow, trusting the bright light to reestablish a path, as Mother Nature’s will continues to unfold. I have tried everything I could to not have to tear down this lovely place called Addis in Cape. It makes the heart sink. I know yours does, as does mine, as it was a place that touched the hearts of many who walked through its doors.”

People responded with sadness in the comments section.

“Saddest saddest news... JUST told friends about this place and wanted to visit soon! Learnt to love you in Dar es Salaam, found out about CT restaurant and frequented quite a bit. Sjoe.... My heart bleeds, my soul is crushed with you.... All the best and HOPE that somehow, somewhere there will be a revival of this glorious experience,” wrote Mariska Le Roux.

“How absolutely heartbreaking. I pray you and your staff will find some way to make money to put food on the table. Thank you for the wonderful vegan food. A place to remember, with fondness and love.” wrote Nola J Seef.

Continuing with the statement, Mekonnen looked back on how Addis in Cape introduced the Ethiopian cuisine and culture to travellers and locals alike.

“We had a memorable time and introduced the Ethiopian cuisine and culture to travellers and locals alike, including our people from Khayelitsha, Gugulethu, and other townships who learned to prepare the food and are now experts. I want to thank our Johannesburg summer visitors who kept Addis in Cape on their to-do list, Capetonians and others who decided to actually visit Ethiopia after their experience with Addis in Cape, the vegan community who shared the food that is equally popular with non-vegans, the halal community who knew that they were always safe with us and finally, those who trusted us to be gluten-free and knew that we were just that. That was Addis in Cape. Thank you to all our clients, local and international, for accepting us as raw and earthy as we were and supporting us through it all. You were the pillars of the business. We are moving into a different time and norm and although a lot is uncertain, we will try to weather the storm as we allow the universe to unfold some more.”

The restaurant joins other popular SA joints like The Kitchen, Exhibit A, and The Stack, Cafe 1999, and Casalinga Ristorante Italiano who have also had to close due to the difficulties that many restaurants are facing, due to the pandemic and the regulations the government has put in place.

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