Vegetable stack.
It's World Vegan Month and  Bistro Sixteen82 at Steenberg  Estate is embracing this  growing lifestyle with a new  vegetarian and vegan summer

I never thought I’d see the  day when I’d be the one asking  for the vegan menu, but I did  last Friday.

I was two days into my  30-day vegan challenge (I’m on  day 11 now and counting).

My colleague, Viwe, had  no idea what to expect other  than three courses of tasteless  veggies. Thankfully we were  wrong.

I started with marinated  artichoke with beetroot, grilled  courgettes, pumpkin seeds,  sundried tomatoes and herb  vinaigrette. 

This dish didn’t  only look appealing but tasted  great, too. I loved the crunchy  texture from the pumpkin  seeds and the burst of flavour  from the herb vinaigrette.

Marinated artichoke with beetroot.
Viwe’s broccoli tataki with  marinated shimeji mushrooms,  corn, spring onion, wild rocket,  chilli and soy vinaigrette failed  to impress. 

The vegetable  flavours were too pungent.

With the mains, I chose  another winner – tempura  vegetables with avo, wild  rocket and balsamic syrup.

The veggies are deep-fried in  a light crispy batter, which I  absolutely loved.

Viwe’s vegetable stack came  a close second. 

Tempura vegetables.
This colourful  dish is perfect for a light  summer lunch.

Ending on a sweet note,  we had the only vegan dessert  option – a bowl of fresh  summer berries, juicy citrus  and a berry coulis.