GREAT START: Croissant Benedict and a fine salad.
GREAT START: Croissant Benedict and a fine salad.

Review: breakfast at Coco Safar in Sea Point

By Megan Baadjies Time of article published Aug 6, 2018

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but breakfast at a luxury coffee shop and pâtisserie will no doubt be the most exciting meal of your day.

Coco Safar in the Artem Centre, Main Road, Sea Point, recently launched the world’s first non-alcoholic botanical microbrewery.

Their collection of beverages, brewed on site include red and green rooibos cold brews as well as a cold coffee brew and a rooibos-infused tonic water.

As much as I looked forward to trying their drinks, I was also excited about the food experience.

The Belgian waffle and chicken came highly recommended - it has slow-cooked chicken with honey and rooibos mustard, which is made in-house, with lamb bacon and a fried egg.

Coco Safar's Belgian waffle and chicken comes highly recommended. Picture: Megan Baadjies

My dining partner opted for the other popular dish on the menu: a croissant Benedict and greens, which is house-cured lamb pancetta, medium-poached egg, roasted tomato and hollandaise on a sweet potato rösti.

Guests are welcome to enjoy a complimentary coffee tasting to help them select a perfect blend.

I was impressed by the presentation of both meals. The egg, chicken and lamb were placed on a bed of fresh greens. The chicken was smothered in the lovely honey and rooibos mustard.

I was worried that the waffle would have a dry, cakey texture because it has quite a thick base, but it simply soaked up the sauce from the chicken and the egg and was delicious.

The green and red rooibos blends are made with Coco Safar's unique rooibos capsules.

My partner loved her dish too.

Our breakfast was followed by a quick stop at the brew bar where we sampled a green and red rooibos blend made with their unique rooibos capsules. 

Of course, we had to stop at the Rooibos bar where we sampled cold red rooibos, green rooibos, rooibos tonic water and citrus coffee. 

The tonic water was my favourite, it reminds me of a refreshing summer drink and apparently, it’s great with gin! 

Head down to Coco Safar and try it for yourself.

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