The Avo- Titious cocktails is one of the new drinks on the menu. Picture: Facebook (Cause Effect Cocktail Kitchen)

Experiential cocktail kitchen, Cause and Effect launched an all-new cocktail menu with 52 new and unique offerings just in time for the new season.  

Despite the recent downpours and the chilly weather, it’s just a matter of time before we can enjoy sundowners again - while actually watching the sun go down.

Located in Park Road, Gardens, the trendy brandy bar is known for serving up creative cocktails, many of which are fynbos inspired.

If you have never been, don’t be alarmed by the bunches of dried herbs hanging from the roof and the micro herbs at the bar, it’s all part of the experience - and your drink. 

While making your cocktail the barman will pluck a few leaves to add garnish to your drink. 

It's clear to see why the place was loved by local and international visitors.

Barman, Justin Shaw says the new menu, which was launched just over a month ago, has no remnants of the last cocktail menu.

Even the glassware is new!

Cape Sugarbird cocktail

We started with a shisho and a pineapple tepache spritz these are lighter style drinks with very low levels of alcohol “just to get you in the mood”. 

The tepache, which is a pineapple cider, tastes very much like kombucha which my colleague and I didn’t really enjoy.

I would recommend the shisho, a liqueur made with fermented Japanese plums. A dash of Prosecco is added to both drinks.

We enjoyed a light snack with the drinks - the snack attack for two is the perfect light meal for sharing.

The meal consists of beer battered pickles, mozzarella stuffed meatballs, grilled halloumi, buttermilk chicken tenders and skinny fries.

If you plan on making your way through 52 drinks, you may want to order one of these.

Richie the rainbow sparkling unicorn.

Two of the more interesting drinks on the menu is Cape Sugar Bird, made with Oude Molen brandy and Richie the rainbow sparkling unicorn, made with Wixworth gin, wild dagga bitters and topped with candy floss. 

I can’t think of more interesting drinks than these, for one the Sugarbird drink is served in a bird-shaped glass and the only way to drink it from the bird’s behind. This was very awkward, but we had a good laugh.