Cold meat spread

I couldn’t help but have high expectations when I was invited to try out "the best breakfast in town".

The Radisson Blu Hotel Waterfront is located at the edge of the Atlantic, boasting picturesque views of the ocean on one side and the V&A Waterfront on the other.

If you want to up your photographic skills, or only your selfie game, take a walk to the edge of the pier which will lead you straight into photographic heaven. Even on a cold, grey, stormy day the floor-to-ceiling glass doors still allows guests to watch the waves crashing against the pier.

On the chilly day, we had breakfast inside Tobago’s, the hotel restaurant which is open to hotel guests and members of the public. 

Breakfast is a beautiful Instagram-worthy spread which includes pastries, jams, cold meats, fish, fruits, cereals and fresh juices.

But for starters we were served a “muesli cocktail”, with a mini waffle and the best mini red velvet crumpets with a cream cheese and berry filling.

Mini spread

My colleague enjoyed the crumpets so much he ordered another one.

The buffet spread has enough to keep you going back for seconds, thirds and maybe even a fourth round.

But you may want to save space for some of the items on the menu which include Cape poached eggs on a toasted English muffin with spinach, biltong, hollandaise and pan-fried biltong. There is also a smoked snoek omelette with French toast with maple syrup, and what is a South African breakfast without mealiepap. Here it’s served with butter and honey.

The star of the show, however, is chef Norman Heath’s home-made marmalade which he makes with leftover orange peels from the juice bar.

Guest can squeeze their own juice with the orange squeezer - the leftover peels are then recycled and transformed into a delicious marmalade.

Red velvet crumpet.

Heath explains how the concept came about: “a friend and I bounced ideas off each other and we were talking about the tough times in the industry and all the things that’s thrown away. So we decided to (make the marmalade)”.

On average, Heath says he makes about 10 litres of marmalade. The marmalade is made with Heath’s mother’s recipe and served at the buffet for guests to enjoy. The breakfast is served daily at a cost of R245 per person.