Burgers served at the Butcher Shop &Grill 
Picture: Sam Linsell
Burgers served at the Butcher Shop &Grill Picture: Sam Linsell

Review: The Butcher Shop and Grill

By Theolin Tembo Time of article published Oct 29, 2018

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There is a common misconception that meat can either be cooked or raw, but in actuality , there are various ways to prepare and enjoy it. 

This remains a challenge for many restaurant kitchens. 

However, The Butcher Shop and Grill, which celebrates its 25th anniversary, has become known as the "Godfather" in the hospitality industry. 

From the taste of the Kobe-style wagyu to the servings of local beef and lamb, each cut of meat is a taste experience.  

The Butcher Shop & Grill serves mature, aged meat with their rump, sirloin, fillet, ribeye, T-bone and prime rib aged for 21-40 days.

Beyond the custom cuts and sizes, there' s the procedure that's part of the foodie fun.

Look at the meat. See what appeals to your eye (stomach). Get it on or off the bone, grass or grain-fed.

The Butcher Shop is a family business, handed down over three generations and is famed for its quality produce, extensive menu, separate butchery & deli and 800 passionate staff globally.

The restaurant even caters to vegetarians and also has an extensive wine list on offer which adds to your dining experience.

After having an enjoyable dining experience in the Cape Town restaurant, tasting meat ranging from the oxtail stew to cuts of lamb and pork, the Butcher Shop and Grill delivers meat in a way that I haven’t had before.

It's a dining experience I’m eager to repeat.

The Butcher Shop & Grill serves mature aged meat. Picture: Sam Linsell

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