TASTY: Oasis Bistro’s potjiekos.

THE OASIS Bistro at the Mount Nelson Hotel is the perfect getaway from the busy streets of the CBD and it re-opened for summer! 

The restaurant offers a Mediterranean-inspired buffet as well as an à la carte menu with  grilled meats, roasted linefish and daily specials harvested from local markets.  

If you love a good braai and want to have yours in style, then try out the Saturday braai buffet. As my partner and I entered the restaurant we were greeted by the friendly hostess and a whiff of burning wood hit us almost  immediately. 

The restaurant has a relaxed, contemporary feel. 

The stretched-out silver male and female door  handles is a definite conversation starter.

I had a good laugh watching my partner strategically place  his hand around the female’s midsection as he opened the door, being  careful not to touch her “inappropriately”. 

The braai is different to any  braai my partner and I have ever been to. 

This feast includes a selection of warm, home-baked breads, pâté, cold  meats and chicken thighs.  

For the fish lovers there is also a seafood buffet with oysters, smoked trout, mussels and a juicy prawn salad. 

Outside, the chefs are grilling  a selection of sirloin steak, lamb cutlets, pork spare ribs, lamb ribs, chicken and potjie sosaties.  

The meat dishes come with traditional accompaniments of char-grilled mealies, garlic bread and raaibroodjies (traditional braai sandwiches with tomato and onion). 

Oasis Bistro’s has a lot of potjiekos to offer.

I went with the chef ’s suggestion of lamb kebabs as starter, with a side portion of potato salad, couscous and quinoa salad and two slices of garlic bread. 

The kebabs and garlic bread were the best! My meat was perfectly cooked and very succulent with just the right amount of barbecue sauce. 

It tasted great with the crisp, cheesy garlic roll. For mains we ordered the chicken for me and pork ribs for him. 

While I enjoyed the chicken, I must admit the ribs were very tasty. The meat was perfectly done, succulent to the bone. 

As for the portions, perhaps some would feel they are quite small, but this is good when you are pacing yourself for all the other options available.  The chilled CBC and Jack Black lagers and pilseners on tap were the perfect complement.  

WHERE: Oasis Bistro, 76 Orange Street, Gardens, Cape Town 

Call: 0214831000   

OPEN: Lunch is served daily from 12.30 noon