The 41 seafood platter. Picture: Supplied
The 41 is a contemporary Mediterranean-themed restaurant on the popular Camps Bay strip.

If you need a landmark, just find the large floating heart on the beach side and you are there.

Although most of the beach weather is behind us, you can still enjoy endless views of the ocean, palm trees and the sunset from the terrace.

The dark grey interior has touches of gold, wood and glass doors to add to the contemporary feel.

My dining partner and I were greeted by Gilles Blanc, the owner, who talked us through the menu - which is in the process switching from summer to autumn.

Kataifi prawns with avo tzatziki. Pictures: Supplied

Within each seasonal framework the menu also changes at least every fortnight, which explains the A4 sheets on a clipboard.

“From this week we will introduce an autumn salad and we will also be introducing soups for people to enjoy something warm,” Gilles said.

“We will stop the oysters and have more seasonal dishes. The seafood platter also depends on what is in season.

“We gradually change the menu and do a smooth transition into the new one instead of doing a sudden change.”

Some of the more popular dishes which will remain on the menu, include the kataifi prawns with avo tzatziki, The 41 signature dish which is a grilled ostrich steak with chakalaka salsa, phutu pap and atchar yoghurt.

Gilles said the beef dishes and burgers were also popular.

“We have the classic beef dishes and those are all staying. The seafood platter is also very popular and people love it.

“Then we obviously have burgers because when you come to Camps Bay you are also looking for something light.

“We have the 41 burger where we mix the cheese inside the beef patty. All our patties are homemade.”

There is also the popular three cheese burger, which was introduced two weeks ago, and a vegan option.

It was time to eat and my partner and I ordered our starter and main based on the owner’s suggestions.

It was clear to see (and taste) why the prawns are a favourite.

Four prawns wrapped in vermicelli to create a light, crispy edible shell are placed on the avo tzatziki.

The textures and flavours go very well together.

The 41 signature dish was definitely a winner and I am so glad I ordered the better dish this time around.

The ostrich steak was medium rare and already sliced into perfectly sized pieces so you don’t have to do any work. Placed on a slice of pap, the meat was tender, juicy.

This dish is perfect as we head into the colder months.

The 41 signature dish is a grilled ostrich steak with chakalaka salsa, phutu pap and atchar yoghurt

My partner had the rib-eye steak, served with hand-cut fries.

The restaurant also has a wide selection of wine and exclusive cocktails to choose from. It is open daily for lunch and supper and breakfasts from Tuesday.

Happy hour is every day from 3pm to 5pm when classic cocktails are sold at half price.

41 Victoria Road, Camps Bay.

For reservation call 021 437 0558 or email [email protected]