Nice n Spicy tikka chicken and potato wedges.
I'm a sucker for a good curry. 
It's got to have flavour, after all, some curries need at least 20 individual spices that get added to the mix at very specific points along the cooking process.
You can't just lump them all together at once; that would ruin the dish.
Add your garum masala - itself made of at least seven different spices - too soon and it loses its effect and flavour. 

Add your curry leaves too late and you don't give them enough time to pull through.
Basically, cooking curry is an art form... a labour of love. 
And no-one does it better than Lee Downs at his baby - Nice n Spicy.
His second store is just a month old, while his first, nestled snugly along Belvedere Road, Claremont, was founded six years ago.
The art of curry is not in the heat, and Lee understands this to a T.

The lamb roti is a top seller at his restaurant.
His flavours are incredible. 
The dhal is the best I've eaten. The lamb roti, Lee assures me, is a firm favourite and among his top sellers - and it's easy to understand why. 
The meat is tender, the sauce is sublime, and the kick? Oh boy, is there a kick!
The heat in a curry should be derived from chilies, and the chilies used at Nice 'n Spicy are crisp and fresh. 
There's just the right amount of heat to warm you up inside and out.

Dhal at Nice and Spicy.
My favourite dish is the butter chicken - it's among the creamiest and most delicious I've experienced - and if you're looking for something less homely, try the tikka chicken. It'll bowl you over with its flavour profile and lay you flat with its heat.
"It's Nice n Spicy, bud, what did you expect?" says Lee with a chuckle. 

Nice 'n Spicy is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 12noon to 8pm.