Kota Life Crisis
Are you a fan of the Kota sandwich but don’t know where to grab one around Durban? Worry no-more as Kota Life Crisis is here for you.
The kota is a sandwich very popular in Johannesburg townships. Almost like how bunny chows are a major part of Durban's psyche, the kota is exactly that to Joburg. Like how it's difficult to get an authentic and delicious curry outside of Durban, it's also a mission to get a great kota outside of the Joburg townships. Until now, thanks to Durban's new kota joint, Kota Life Crisis. 
Phiweyo Ndlovu, 28, decided to start his own business to help 'fight' the kota 'crisis' in Durban.
"I received inspiration to start Kota Life Crisis while I was visiting Johannesburg. It was my first time eating the Kota sandwich while I was there and I thought to myself: ' why not take a risk and introduce it to Durban people' as it’s quite a crisis for us this side and so far the support has been overwhelming”, said Ndlovu. 
“At school I studied Sports Management but due to lack of employment, I decided to start something that will keep me busy and bring money”, he added.
Like a bunny, a kota uses a quarter loaf of bread and then it's stuffed with various meats, condiments, fried chips, cheese and even eggs. It really depends on what you like to stuff the bread with. 

Ndlovu sells four different kinds of kota combos at his shop in Umlazi. 
Combo 1 consists of tomato, onion, vienna, cheese and chips.
Combo 2 has tomato, onion, ham, vienna, fried chips, egg and cheese.
Combo 3, which is the most popular with patrons, has tomato, onion, ham, fried chips, egg, bacon, cheese and a burger patty. 
The fourth option, which is called the Tsatsatsa Bite, has chips, cheese, bacon bits and Russian bits.  
Kota Life Crisis sandwiches range between a cost price of R20 to R40. 

“On an average day I sell around twenty kotas and my goal at the present moment is to get a spot on the main road here in the township, where it’s busy, I believe I can sell more that what I make at the present moment when I am out on the streets”, said Ndlovu.
The Umlazi born businessman said as much as social media plays a huge role in uplifting his business he still needs a lot of help when it comes to funding.  
“As young entrepreneurs here in the township we have decided to join hands guide
and support each in our small businesses so that our brands could be expanded. We still do need help in-terms of funding, for example getting mobile trailers that would be a bonus for some of us. And I want to expand the Kota Life Crisis brand to another level and do t-shirts and caps, not only food but venture into other things as well”, he said.
Ndlovu said they will be having a township food cook-out in September for people who love township food.