Chicken Licken recently unveiled its new ’They Also Crave It’ advert that takes viewers on a sci-fi journey of ZeZroc. Picture: Supplied
Chicken Licken recently unveiled its new ’They Also Crave It’ advert that takes viewers on a sci-fi journey of ZeZroc. Picture: Supplied

Hit or miss? Tweeps weigh in on Chicken Licken’s new ad

By Lutho Pasiya Time of article published Feb 2, 2021

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The Chicken Licken brand has always been known to hit the mark when it comes to their advertisements.

The fast-food company recently unveiled its new “They Also Crave It” ad that takes viewers on a sci-fi journey with ZeZroc, an alien that finds itself on Earth and finds a family to live with and becomes one with them.

But Twitter users questioned the story behind the ad while others said the restaurant never disappointed.

In the ad, viewers are introduced to an adorable little alien, ZeZorc, who arrives in the middle of the night. The family finds it raiding their kitchen, causing much chaos as it thrashes through the fridge, possibly looking for something to eat.

Sharing a likeness with blockbuster movies, the alien quickly integrates with the family and is much loved by all its members. In every scene, the cuddly alien appears to ooze kindness using his superpowers for good that make the family love and trust it. They even allow it to sleep with them.

The only thing they can’t seem to satisfy is ZeZorc’s hunger. That is until the Chicken Licken delivery guy appears at the front door and the father carries the takeaway of hot wings inside. Immediately noticing the logo on the packets, it is quickly discovered the real reason why ZeZorc is there.

@BenSeerie wrote: “Nna I'm lost...I felt like an alien after watching. Too long, I could not relate at all.”

@Zaczany wrote: “I'm usually super excited about new Chicken Licken Ads but this one killed my excitement. It was too long and without that killer punchline... I'm disappointed... Then team has gone soft…”

One user, @SithokozileKay1 got a thumbs up from the fast-food company after her observation about the ad.

“I think they may have been trying to portray the message that even people not from South Africa would travel all the way just for @ChickenLickenSA and they wouldn't only travel, they would also stay because of the craving. When it's got you it's got you lol. How many marks?” she commented.

Another user, @Harun_Alvarez said the ad was well-produced.

“The quality of animation and film was pretty great in this ad, cool twist at the end too. To the animators and production team behind this short film, great job!”

In a statement by the brand, chief creative officer at Joe Public United, Xolisa Dyeshana, said Chicken Licken was strategic in its campaign approach, knew what would work for its audience and it was a pleasure to work with the company.

Dyeshana said the sci-fi concept highlighted Chicken Licken’s reputation for being so good their products exceeded even the constructs of life as we knew it and are for everyone and everything, human or not.

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