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Friday, May 20, 2022

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Joburg champagne bar apologises after patron complains she was kicked out for being ‘too fat’

Booth. Picture: Instagram (Booth Sandton)

Booth. Picture: Instagram (Booth Sandton)

Published Oct 22, 2021


The Johannesburg champagne bar and lounge Booth has come under fire after Hloni Maniers, who is believed to have a position at the bar, kicked out patrons “for being too fat”.

In a Twitter thread this week, YouTuber Musa Khawula detailed how Tylie and her friend Sino Myoyo were body-shamed and kicked out of the venue.

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“Tylie and her friend Sino Myoyo call out Hloni Maniers for allegedly telling them to leave the club for being too fat. Sino details they got kicked out on Friday and again on Saturday at Booth; Sandton and Room 130,” wrote Khawula.

The post was accompanied by screenshots taken from Myoyo’s Instagram account detailing the incident.

She wrote: “I woke up, once again highly upset at the disgusting treatment and constant bullying Booth and Room 130 do. Firstly on Friday, we got kicked out for being ’too fat’ for the club. It took a major toll on me. It took me to such a deep hole. Then I decided to support my best friend yesterday and the manager sent her a message saying they are not paying her to bring us fat girls that do nothing but sit and drink. I’m upset, I’m hurt. I’m disgusted. I’m a very peaceful person but I and my fellow ‘fat’ girls (in their words) have been bullied enough.”

The management of both Booth and Room 103 have since apologised for the incident, blaming it on the rules of entry which they say are the only reasons anyone would be denied entry.

These are: not wearing a mask, dress code, venue capacity full, non-table reservation compliance, and age restriction.

“Booth and Room 104 have always been places of environment and leisure. We take pride in promoting exclusivity for every individual to come to unwind, party, and socialise, despite your race, nationality, gender, body size, or shape. We have never discriminated against anyone in any way or closed our doors based on someone’s appearance.

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We fully understand the negative impact of discrimination against any individual. We do not support or condone such in any way. We have made steps to address concerns being raised by an individual who felt discriminated against and ensured all is resolved. A further investigation will be conducted to ensure this does not reoccur,” the statement read.

In September, Cape Town restaurant Zenzero also came under fire after discriminating against a patron for wearing an “inappropriate” top. Television host and model Adeola Ariyo slammed the Italian restaurant after the manager told her she was not dressed appropriately, that what she was wearing was not smart casual but a bra.

“Zenzero Restaurant, your discrimination today was unnecessary. This is smart casual! Your manager from Macedonia was very unnecessary and rude. And his apology was also very lacklustre,” she wrote.

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In a follow-up post, Ariyo said: “It’s a shame that one of my favourite restaurants in Cape Town had to literally discriminate, sexualise and profile me in such a way. According to the manager, what I was wearing was too revealing.

“We left the restaurant because there’s no way we will spend a dime in such an establishment. Zenzero is located literally in front of the beach. And I can’t wear this? So, what’s going to happen in summer?” she wrote.

More users spoke out about experiencing the same thing at Zenzero and other restaurants.

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