#Misohawni Restaurant causes a social media storm - pic Instagram
When restaurant owners Ryan Vermaak and Fabio di Cosmo chose the name of their new #Misohawni  restaurant in Mellville, Johannesburg, they surely never imagined that it would start trending for all the wrong reasons.

#Misohawni is a phrase that originates from the cult classic 'Full Metal Jacket' by Stanley Kubrick.

In the midst of the Vietnam war, a scene plays out where a Vietnamese woman chats to two soldiers, soliciting sex in exchange for money and uses the phrases: "me so horny” and “me love you long time”.

Vermaak and di Cosmo have used this as inspiration for their ramen restaurant which serves Asian dishes including Korean BBQ, poké, and izakaya.

However, Vermaak and di Cosmo are s eemingly unperturbed  by the bad response as they celebrate the opening of their restaurant.