Prawn Salad. Supplied picture.
Prawn Salad. Supplied picture.
Tuna Salad. Supplied picture.
Tuna Salad. Supplied picture.
Anchovies. Supplied picture.
Anchovies. Supplied picture.
Calamari Bowl. Supplied picture.
Calamari Bowl. Supplied picture.
Prawn Salad. Supplied picture.

Seafood franchise Ocean Basket has reeled in a fabulous fresh summer seafood menu offering a feast of Mediterranean flavours perfectly suited to long hot days and warm nights.Their chefs have created a range of delicious new dishes for seafood lovers. I love that the menu has a variety of  meze-style spreads—small plates, dips, and salads meant to be shared. 

Group marketing and menu executive Jean Sloane says: “This Summer menu focuses on fresh herbs with tangy lemon and is full of colour and crisp flavours, which perfectly complement our growing range of seafood.”

People want lighter meals when it’s hot, so we’ve added several protein-rich salads to our offering: rich smoked trout salad with avo and sesame seeds; a queen prawn salad with halloumi, avo and sweet soy dressing; and a light tuna salad with fresh Mediterranean salsa, continues Sloane. 

Risotto balls with a amaze balls herb mayo dip. Supplied picture.

The taste-sensation starter portions are increasingly popular and part of the menu this season is a new calamari bowl topped with rocket and Mediterranean salsa, Mediterranean rice balls created using halloumi and herb mayo; crumbless salmon and trout bites; and Spanish anchovies with a Med salsa. 

Summer is about getting out and enjoying good food and spending time together, so the eatery has added another platter to their famous sharing options: the new Venus platter combines a wide selection of your favourite starters to share…or you can make your own selection.

Watch: The Sushi platter 

For dessert try the new ice cream bowls with Turkish delight or halva satisfy the sweet tooth.

Pair your meal with their refreshing new range of Summer cocktail carafes. Sip a cool Cosmopolitan, Margarita or Long Island Iced tea or enjoy an icy Mojito, Pina Colada or Strawberry daiquiri. 

For those who prefer a virgin drink, they have created Coolers with refreshing ingredients, including apple and mint, rose and strawberry. 

Ocean Basket’s Fabulous Fusion #TheArtOfFusion 

Have you ever found two completely different types of food that shouldn’t work together but just do? Like peanut butter and jam? In the culinary world, fusion is a lot like that, but instead of combining different foods, you’re combining traditions and flavours from around the world in a way that creates dynamic, delicious dishes. And when you combine that idea with the art of creating great sushi, what results is the #ArtofFusion - a completely fresh and innovative Mediterrasian sushi menu that combines the best of traditional sushi with Mediterranean flavours.

In a classic sense, the wonder of sushi lies in the skill of constructing delectable pieces of food art that encourage people to want more – we eat with our eyes first.  

World Sushi Champion (Tokyo, Japan) and winner of Most Creative Sushi Chef, Pepi Anevski, who heads up sushi innovation at Ocean Basket, has developed a new fusion of flavours in the form of small, edible pieces of art on your plate. 

Anevski’s new sushi menu ditches the colloquial fashion sandwich and takes South African sushi lovers on a journey back to traditional sushi at its best, including re-establishing the time-honoured names for the individual pieces, and introducing subtle Mediterranean flavours. 

Two new Futomaki pieces tantalize: 

Sweet prawn Futomaki offers succulent panko prawn curled with rocket and creamy avocado, all drizzled with sweet soy sauce, while the Panko Salmon Futomaki takes the mild flavor of zucchini and enhances it with a zesty lemon mayo, creamy avocado and the unexpected hint of red onion.

Rocket meets salmon and avocado in our Uramaki Coriander Bomb, topped with the crispy crunch of potato strips and dollops of fresh coriander cream. 

The Panko Prawn Gunkan are delicate boat shapes of rice and panko prawn contained by a sliver of pickled carrot and topped with spicy mayo. 

Our creamy new style Tuna Sashimi combines sesame garlic cream and soy balsamic oil drizzled over tender tuna and garnished with chopped olives and spring onion.

Tomato Nigiri is a crisp veg combination of garden-fresh raw tomato, rice and nori topped with delicious dabs of coriander cream.

Our Flower Gunkans offer two delicious taste sensations: Tuna Tulips present tuna wrapped around rice and spiced up with a dash of pickled red onion and coriander cream, while the Spicy Roses consist of delicious salmon wrapped around rice, topped with spicy mayo and crunchy potato strips.

Or order one of our new platters - Flower Power and Rock ‘n Roll – and sample several of the scrumptious new treats. 

Anevski’s unique fusion Japanese sushi with its Mediterranean twist is the perfect Summer seafood.

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