A still from the Nando's advert. Picture: Twitter

The funniest thing about the new Nando’s advert is not how seasoned actor, Hamilton Dlamini, asks if using a deep, resigned voice over is just how South Africans sell things now.

It’s when we pan from a deconstructed throne that will certainly remind some of the aesthetic used in the One Source campaigns only to see Khuli Chana shout: “Tswa Daar.” Having the motswakolista use his own hit track as acknowledgement of the sameness that is abound is just one of the tongue-in-cheek aspects of this ad.

There is incredible hate for smoke bombs - in the ad, one is thrown at a woman who is an informal retailer - which many will resonate with. From adverts to clubs, why in the world does anyone need a smoke bomb?

What will be interesting is to see how Nando’s chooses to sell their chicken and powdery rolls going forward. The onus is now on them to be creative. To be original. To not be the same as everyone else who is trying to sell us stuff.

Watch the ad now: