Ready to cook meals Pictures: Supplied
After a long day at the office, no one wants to spend hours in the kitchen making supper.
Now you can make some of your home-cooked favourites like tomato and green bean bredie, lamb curry, butter chicken or even lamb shank in under 45 minutes. 
Checkers’ Ready-to-Cook offers quick and convenient meals which are as delicious and it is easy to prepare when you are pressed for time. 
The range also includes cape malay chicken curry, beef oxtail and osso bucco.
To prove just how fast the meals are to prepare, Checkers hosted their very first live Twitter cooking challenge with food editor and television presenter, Herman Lensing. 
The challenge was to prepare a lamb shank and a side dish (or two) in 35 minutes, from the comfort of your own home, using mystery ingredients which included couscous, mushrooms, baby marrow, peppers, butternut, rocket and bulgar wheat, nuts, dried apricot and a bottle of wine to wash it down.
 The ready to cook lamb shanks needs just 20 minutes in the oven and while it was cooking, participants - which included food writers, bloggers and online influences - had to create side dishes with the remaining ingredients. 
This was my first time making lamb shank and I was skeptical about getting it perfect in under 30 minutes, so I added a few minutes to be safe. 
Once the product is out of the packaging and into the oven, it’s ready in no time at all. 
In a matter of minutes I had perfectly cooked meat that fell off the bone and succulent to the last bite.
In 35 minutes I prepare a lamb shank with stuffed peppers on the side, (one with mushroom sauce, the other with couscous) a side serving of butternut and fried baby marrow. 
Not bad for a novice.