The Buddha Bowl offering at Roxanne's Rum Eatery. Picture supplied

Rum and rum eateries are following hot on the heels of the uber-popular gin and gin bar trend. Pineslopes Shopping Centre in Fourways, Johannesburg is now home to the newest Rum eatery. 

Packed with a real rum punch, Roxanne’s Rum Eatery is inviting and unique in so many ways.

Vegan platter under the Share & Grab section of Roxanne's meat-free Monday menu with cannellini beans and lentil balls, crumbed mushrooms, corn balls, roast vegetables and spicy egg free mayo dip. Picture: Supplied

“Roxanne is for the every woman. She is a head turner, a heartbreaker. She is brave and untamed. Men want to be with her. Women want to be her. 

When she looks at you, suddenly you’re the only person in the room. 

But don’t try to hold onto the moment, for it is fleeting. Roxanne cannot be caged; she will not be tamed. 

She’ll remind you what it’s like to live for the moment. For all of us, even those unaware, have a little bit of Roxanne within”, says owner Jo Pinheiro.

Got no Beef? Glam Burger with 150g vegan patty made in-house, vegan bread roll, spicy egg-free mayo and greens served with curly fries. Picture: Supplied

The interiors at Roxanne’s Rum Eatery provides the perfect backdrop for the sociable millennial. 

Every corner of this restaurant is entirely Instagram worthy and sure to up your ‘likes’. 

Bare brick walls and hardwood floors are mixed with leather benches and odd lamp shades to give Roxanne’s an intriguing and eclectic feel. 

Neon signs cast a sensual glow and Bespoke Tattoo-inspired art murals to provide strength and confidence to this unique venue.

Vegan almond latte. Picture: Supplied

Then there’s the on-site tattoo parlour. Yes, you read correctly. Fallen Heroes, one of Joburg’s well-known parlours, have set up a fully equipped section of the restaurant and all proceeds go to The national Breast cancer Foundation. 

All to meet the health and safety standards, bookings are by appointment only and made through Fallen Heroes.

Vegan cottage pie. Picture: Supplied

Roxanne’s has just launched a meat-free Monday menu. Long gone are the days when vegan diets are considered weird, ‘hippie’ choices. 

And, also, long gone are the days when vegans are left to nibble on a side salad or attempt to make a full meal out of a plate of chips. 

They call it Flexitarianism, the act of shifting from a meat-heavy diet to adopting a plant-based lifestyle as and when the desire arrives.

The Glam Burger offering at Roxanne's Rum eatery. Signature gourmet burger with curly fries and greens. Picture: Supplied

Start the day right by tucking into the Oh so V! Vegan meatballs, corn tortillas, tomato compote, and sesame avocado. 

Now that’s a breakfast! Roxanne’s gourmet sandwiches, otherwise referred to as ‘Meet between the sheets’ have two vegan options. 

Have some Fun without the Beef; vegan meatballs, vegan cottage cheese with spicy tomato salsa or enjoy Roxanne’s Uncompromised, the gourmet sandwich of all gourmet sandwiches, vegan chili con carne. 

Or should we call it vegan chili NON carne?

Grilled vegan meatballs with a cheese and tomato sandwich. Picture: Supplied.

Monday favourites include a nostalgic Vegan Cottage Pie with vegan mince finished in a wood-fired oven, and a Got no Beef burger, 150g vegan patty with egg-free mayo, kimchi and greens. 

Naughty and nice at the same time.

You can sit back and enjoy a vegan-friendly cocktail while waiting for your meal to be prepared (fresh, from scratch - the way we like it).

The beauty of rum is you can shoot it, have it on-the-rocks, or mix it up with literally any ingredient you can think of and create something very, very awesome, for any palette. 

Try the divinely rebellious Princess Kaiulani with Sailor Jerry, ice cream, chai, activated charcoal topped with vanilla cinnamon foam and the provocative yet classy Dita Von Teese with Mhoba white rum, triple sec, lychee syrup, socks guava, lime juice and cranberry juice.

Vegan burger and two vegan cocktails: Dita Von Tesse (left) and Princess Kaiulani (right). Picture: Supplied.

The ambience at Roxanne’s Rum Eatery is unique, the offering tantalizing and the aura sensual but with an edge of knock-out confidence. And great food.