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Monday, May 23, 2022

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WATCH: Woman walks out on partner after proposal at McDonald’s

Woman walks out on partner after proposal at McDonald's. Picture: McDonald's

Woman walks out on partner after proposal at McDonald's. Picture: McDonald's

Published May 5, 2022


Many people plan elaborate ways to propose to their romantic partners. But one South African man decided to pop the question to his woman at a McDonald’s restaurant and she was not lovin’ it at all.

In a video clip shared on Twitter by @Madame_Fossette, the man is seen going down on one knee while holding out a ring box as the woman orders at the till. She looks at the McDonald’s employee before turning around and then starts shaking her head in disbelief.

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People around them cheered and shouted to encourage the woman to say yes, but the woman definitely had no plans of accepting this proposal.

Although you cannot hear what is being said, the woman clearly exchanges some angry words with her partner, before she marches off to a chorus of boos from onlookers who are taking videos on their phones.

The clip, which has been viewed more than 3 million times, ends by showing the man claiming his McDonald's order – alone – but not his partner's hand in marriage.

While the original poster described the situation as sad, most of the comments turned to analysing the scene.

“Man proposed at a McDonald's and expected her to say … yes??” one user asked.

Another attempted to take the proposer’s side, arguing, “You understand that she could’ve said yes in public and told the man no behind closed doors to save him the embarrassment.” No one agreed, however. Instead, several people thought that if anything embarrassed him, it should have been proposing in a McDonald's. Or, as the original poster later tweeted, “I think he should have done it at the table at least. Not the till.”

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A whole other discussion erupted when one tweep pointed out that the man was wearing a wedding band. Some assumed the whole thing was staged, some figured that he put the ring on in some attempt to save face, and others took it as a sign that he had another family already.

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