So good, it should be a crime to eat Picture: Chateux Gateaux
When November, which happened to be my birthday month began, nerves hit me as I knew I had the duty to check which places sell the best cakes and at a reasonable price. 
With such a wide variety of bakeries in Durban and some really talented private bakers, it is never an easy job to do. Luckily, I got introduced to Château Gâteaux Patisserie a few days just before my birthday and I was hooked. So hooked was I, that I knew I had to have one of their cakes to celebrate my birthday this year. 

I love chocolate cakes; whichever cake I had to choose from it had to be chocolate. So after browsing through the patisseries catalogue, I decided that I will be taking their famed Bar-1 cake, a rich, dark and moist chocolate cake coated in Bar-1 chocolate sauce. 

My mind was all made up until my special day in the morning when I got to one of their many stores, and the manager, Romeo, introduced me to their newest cake: “Chocolate Nostalgia”. He went over the fine details of the cake to a point where I just couldn’t say no to having this yummy gateaux. 

He was even friendly enough to let me taste the cake before making any final decision. The chocolate cake was moist and was layered with a creamy rich chocolate mousse and sprinkled with chocolate biscuit crumble and drizzled with dark chocolate ganache. 

This cake was so perfect in every way. Every single thing that I wanted was lovingly and thoroughly crafted to my liking, and the entire cake was delicious and beautiful. I liked that it was not rich and that it had a lovely chocolatey flavour. So if you want to try out a new flavour that will be a literal death by chocolate, this just may be the one.