Durban Poison Cannabis Lager the cannabis beer from Poison City Brewing. Photo: Facebook

The trend of sipping cannabis-infused drinks is stepping into the light and is sure to be the next big thing on the streets.

When I received news that a South African brewery, Durban Poison City Brewing has introduced a cannabis-infused lager I had mixed feelings.

I didn't know what to think of this, I just imagined a weed and alcohol drink mixture and I thought, oh no they are killing us, Lord they want us dead. Haha!

Anyways, I got to taste the beer this week, although it has been on the market since last month. 

I must admit, my thoughts were all wrong. 

It’s a good drink to enjoy this summer. It has great taste and flavour and it doesn't make you high.

It doesn't contain THC (the primary psychoactive ingredient in cannabis that delivers the ‘high’) but is brewed with hemp oil, creating a unique, refreshing flavour and smooth taste.

If you have tasted Hansa Pilsener then you will get the taste of the Durban Poison Cannabis Lager as it tastes more or less like it - full of flavour, with a clean finish.

The lager has 4% ABV also making it a very light alcoholic drink. 

So if you love an easy drinking beer then Durban Poison Cannabis Lager definitely for you.  

The beer is available exclusively at select stores and venues nationwide.