Hake fish with chips, spinach and pumpkin from Shivava Lounge. Picture: Thobile Mazibuko.
Since it’s Africa month and we’re all about embracing our African culture, I decided to take a short left to Shivava Lounge this past weekend. 
The re-established restaurant in Newtown reminded me once again what I love about being an African. 
Welcomed by the polite waiters, I got an opportunity to indulge in the most delicious African cuisines while listening to some soulful music. 

Being a township girl that I am, for starters, I decided to have maotwana (chicken feet). Some people might feel it's rather cliche to be eating chicken feet but let me tell you, those are the nicest to eat, simply because they are sticky and you get to chew the bones without even feeling guilty. I also got to taste the famous Mozambican fish, karapao. 
Karapao and maotwana. Picture: Thobile Mazibuko.

I once tried to cook it and came out worse than I expected and that was my last attempt in cooking. But then, the one I had on Sunday was very tasty, I don’t know if it was fried or baked but the garlic added on it really made some justice. What’s African food without some braai meat? Yes I love boerewors and of course, I chose that as a main meal. The steak with some barbecue sauce on it, it was nice. 
Steak with barbecue sauce and boerewors.

For us Africans, every Sunday meal must have veggies, and I really appreciate that they had spinach and pumpkin because growing up in the hood, our parents would always enforce pumpkin on us. Whether you liked it or not, admit it that you were forced to eat pumpkin as a child. As a liker of things, I saw some Jimmy jar on the cocktail menu and went for it. Had I known that it comes in a massive jar I wouldn’t have bothered because I tried so hard but shame, couldn’t finish it. Ask me if I would go back to that place again, I probably would but they better have WiFi because it’s necessary for restaurants to keep us connected to the internet.
Jimmy jars. Picture: Thobile Mazibuko.