Pic by Craig Fraser (Quivertree Publications)
cook. better. by Nikki Werner and Brandon de Kock (Quivertree Publications) has been picked up by European publishing house Sieveking Verlag.

The German edition of the cookbook already on shelf in Germany ready for the 2017 festive season.

De Kock says: “From the start, our intent with cook. better. was that it be timeless and include ingredients that are common in many parts of the world,’ says Brandon, ‘and the fact that it has now been released in German, reinforces its global relevance.”

cook. better. stands out as a book about method more than a collection of recipes – an approach to cooking and eating Werner and de Kock continue to spread.

Since publication, they have been sharing an understanding of food through writing, cooking, teaching and hosting. Many of their international guests have returned home with a copy of cook. better. to use in various parts of the US or in Mauritius or South Korea.

Having received overwhelmingly positive feedback from a wide range of South Africans who have incorporated cook. better. techniques into their day-to-day cooking, the couple cannot wait to share their philosophy with a German audience. 

Werner and de Kock are heading to Germany for two official launches, in Berlin and Munich.

cook. better. launches in Berlin on Tuesday 9th January 2018 at Goldhahn and Sampson, which is considered the city’s best bookshop for books on cooking.

The launch will be held at the Charlottenburg store, which includes a kitchen space where Werner and de Kock will be illustrating some cook. better. concepts and principles.

cook. better. is available from loot.co.za for R298