Safe drinking will help control your alcohol intake and protect your health. Pexels

The “silly season” is drawing nearer and it’s important for us to be more vigilant and careful as alcohol consumption hits peak during the festive season.  

We spoke to SAB and AB InBev Africa External Communications Director, Refilwe Masemola on how we can enjoy the tipple the right way this holiday.

Masemola says they encourage consumers to consume alcohol responsibly at all times - not only during the festive period.

“At SAB we believe that smart drinking choices affect everyone, every day. We are committed to helping foster a global culture of smart drinking to reduce the harmful use of alcohol. Consumers need to understand the South African legal limit as well as the alcohol percentage of their beverage of choice. In SA, the legal limit is a breath alcohol content of 0.24mg per 1 000ml, or a blood alcohol limit of 0.05g per 100ml,” she says. So, whether you’re going to a club, pub, or a friend’s house here are tips for a fun – and safe – night out.

Stay safe this festive season and don't binge drink. Pexels

Don’t drink and drive – make a plan to get home safely

Choose a designated driver for the night – the person in your group who doesn’t plan to drink and can give you and your friends a safe ride home at the end of the night. Or make plans to take public transportation – including setting aside money in advance to pay for it.

Set a limit before you go out

Take enough cash for your planned drinks, plus a bit more for a taxi ride home and set a time limit for yourself to go home.

Ensure you have a (sufficiently) charged cell phone

Along with the number of cab service already programmed into your phone or download an app for the local taxi company.

Pace yourself - alternate beers with non-alcoholic drinks

Not only will you reduce the effects of the alcohol, you'll be able to enjoy socialising longer.

SAB has a portfolio of no and lower alcohol beers and recognises an increasing demand in this market owing to global market trend research. Our Global Smart Drinking Goals also reflects SAB and AB InBev’s commitment to the introduction of more no and lower alcohol brands with responsible messaging and marketing.

As of 2018, we currently have two non-alcoholic brands in the South African portfolio - Castle Free and Becks Blue, which allows consumers to practice ‘pacing’.

By spacing your drinks throughout the evening, you can help stay within your limits.

Be sure to enjoy a meal or snack with your beer

High protein foods like meat and cheese are best at slowing down the absorption of alcohol.

Don't drink in rounds 

Drinking in rounds may inadvertently lead to drinking more than you’d planned as well as faster to keep up – both are not a good idea.