EVERYONE has a regular  neighbourhood local – they always  offer good food at good value,  you get to know the proprietor  and staff and become part of the
restaurant family.

Delfi Greek Taverna is one  such spot in Morningside.  The food is unpretentious and  traditionally Greek with all its  flavourful ingredients of lemon,  olive oil, garlic and parsley. 

Owner  Maria Teranes’s hospitality is  warm and welcoming and there  are many regulars. The decor may  not quite be 21st century chic,  but the Greek flags, fishing nets,  ukuleles and ouzo bottles all add  to the charm of the place. It’s cosy,  and homely, matching the food and  service.

Maria’s prawns are legendary. I ordered these as starters and they  were plump, cooked in a garlic  butter with a good dash of periperi.  They come with chips – for  some these home-made fat chips  are the best in Durban – or fresh  green veg, or Greek salad (the  traditional one, so minus lettuce).

We also ordered squid heads –  crisp and nicely spiced – with a  decidedly garlicky skordalia dip.

Starters can include a mezze  platter – home-made spinach  and feta pies, lamb meatballs,  brinjals wrapped in feta, halloumi,  courgette fritters, vine leaves and  an array of dips.

For mains, a friend had lamb  shank with those chips – and  a meltingly tender shank it is.  Another had the moussaka, fresh  and alive with authentic flavours.
Another had the famed imam  bayldi baked in olive oil with  garlic, tomatoes and onions. It was  rich and rewarding hearty. 

My  dish, kokonisto: a beef (it would’ve  originally been lamb) pot roast in  tomatoes, garlic and herbs, was  succulent and tender.

Dessert is somewhat limited:  predictably baklava, the little  custard pies, halva ice-cream and  Maria’s grape or citrus preserve  are options. I’d tried all three, but  tonight we’d all eaten our fill so  we had good strong Greek coffees,  passing up on a Greek brandy.

WHERE: Delfi Greek Taverna, 386 Lilian Ngoyi (Windermere) Road, Morningside 
CALL: 031 312 7032 
OPEN: Wednesday-Monday for Lunch and Dinner (Closed Tuesday)

FOOD: ★★★★ SERVICE: ★★★ AMBIENCE: ★★★★