Make your picnic stress free - Pic Instagram
It’s the season to be picnicking and you might have the menu worked out but there are still a few things you might not be prepared for.

Marnie Hanel, Andrea Slonecker and Jen Stevenson are the authors of “The Picnic: Recipes and Inspiration From Basket to Blanket” 

They meet about once a month to dine together outdoors and have encountered every hurdle to a great picnic you could think of.

They have shared are a few of their tips for a less hectic, more delicious outing:

1. Pack your own seasoning kit of herbs, lemons, salt, pepper and olive oil. This way you can taste and adjust food on the site, and refresh any dishes that need to be perked up.

2. Don’t bring dishes that could be damaged by a bumpy car ride or walk. You can always finish up — fill deviled eggs, dress delicate salad greens, cut fruit and sandwiches — at the picnic site.

3. If there is no time to cook, you can put together a fine picnic with sandwiches, fancy groceries or prepared foods, and still make it an occasion by using colorful unbreakable plates and silverware.

4. Remind everyone to bring water. It’s a heavy but necessary item, and no one person should be responsible for bringing all of it.

5. Drop a pin in a map app on your phone and text your location to guests.

6. Don’t forget trash bags, a wine opener, a washable blanket, a sharp knife, a cutting board and serving utensils.

7. Tape a thermometer inside your cooler, and return dishes there between servings to keep them fresh and cool, and prevent spoilage.