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Anyone who has suffered through a cheap wine hangover knows that the experience is not one to repeat. But better quality wines that might prevent the horrendous pain one can often feel the day after a night of drinking can come at a price. 

However, wine expert Amelia Singer revealed  that you don't have to give up budget booze as there are life hacks you can use to avoid a hangover even on the cheapest plonk.

And her tips include taking a few supplements before and after a night of heavy drinking, consuming plenty of water, and taking steps to prevent yourself from becoming too drunk before you start boozing.
Wine expert Amelia Singer PICTURE: Amelia Singer
Take an antihistamine

If you know that you get hangovers only from red wine then it could be that you have a histamine problem. 

If you want to go out and enjoy red wine then take some antihistamine before you drink and that should definitely make a difference. 

Have vitamin C before you drink

Take Vitamin C before you drink. Although this does not stop you from getting drunk, it has been proven to lessen the toxicity of alcohol and the irritable side effects that you have the next day.  I normally take 800 to 1,000mg of easy-to-absorb and soft-on-the-stomach vitamin C capsules. 

Take milk thistle

Similarly, I have heard people swear by milk thistle. Silymarin is the active compound found in milk thistle, a herb commonly used to improve liver health and protect the liver from alcohol and other drugs.


Most hangovers come from being dehydrated – therefore it is more likely to do with the quantity that you drunk as opposed to the price of the wine you were enjoying. Therefore, always match each glass of wine with a glass of water.  I always drink a large glass of water before bed. I put it by my bedside before I go out so I have no excuse.

Drink lower-alcohol wines

Drink lower-alcohol wines – they are so trendy right now. Wines that tend to be lower in alcohol normally come from cooler climates – therefore in Australia, Tasmanian wine is usually much lower in alcohol than wines from the Barossa valley. 

Ask your waiter or look for wine labels that emphasise cool climate. Great low-alcohol options to go for are: old world Pinot Noir, Riesling, Beaujolais, Sauvignon Blanc, spritzers, Provence Rose, Vinho Verde, Austrian and German white wine and wines from the Loire valley.

Eat while you drink
Act European and eat while you drink! This slows down the rate of alcohol absorption into the blood.

Avoid sugary drinks and food

Avoid highly-refined sugary soft drinks or food while drinking alcohol.  Refined sugar can activate the immune system and trigger inflammation, which can affect your mental processes the next day. 

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