Kiwi on pizza. Disgusting or not? Picture: Twitter.
Kiwi on pizza. Disgusting or not? Picture: Twitter.

Should kiwi go on pizza?

By Lutho Pasiya Time of article published Jan 14, 2020

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There is no stopping the weird food trends this year too!

This week, food lovers have been left horrified after a pizza with kiwis as a topping went viral on Twitter.

I have also seen a lot of strange creations over the years, but kiwifruit pizza? Looking at the pizza, it seems like it has just got the fruit, cheese, a tomato base and potentially some ham slices. 

The image was posted by @Ranba_Ral with the caption, “I have can now say I have witnessed hell @DaddyWarpig.” 

The post has been doing the rounds online and generally causing a storm of outrage and disgust, but there are also some people loving it. 

One user, @Jennifer2Flower said, “The road to hell begins somewhere, I blame pineapple on pizza. It's just never enough, the libs take everything too far.”

@_MikeMoss said, “I've been saying for years... Pineapple was just a gateway topping. Now look where we are…”

Another user, @Latentem said this looks like a microscope slide of some exotic disease.

@FunkyToTheBone said, “They said they would be happy with pineapple. I told y'all it was the beginning of the end.”

@Greymane_lor said, “This colossal fuckery cannot be allowed to stand. Who did this? Was it California? It looks like something California would do. We should burn it down, just to be safe.”

As many people were disgusted, @FomentLiberty thought it was awesome.

“Sorry, but looks possibly awesome. That's the beauty of pizza; it's both nature's most perfect food and comes in endless varieties,” said the user. 

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