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Thursday, June 30, 2022

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Simple food made gourmet and goes viral.

Fat cakes & mince for breakfast PICTURE: Thembelihle Mlambo/Facebook

Fat cakes & mince for breakfast PICTURE: Thembelihle Mlambo/Facebook

Published May 18, 2018


The effect of gourmet style cooking and plating has had such a major impact on everyday food, that people are making an effort to make the simplest of meals look gourmet and Instagram perfect. 

We have explored how much of an impact Instagram has had on food, with more people, foodies and even chefs, improving their plating skills so their food looks appetising. 

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I was recently on Facebook and came across these “suppose to be simple” dishes yet have been given a gourmet upgrade, complete with French sounding names so that the food looks and sounds gourmet.  Facebook user, Thembelihle Mlambo, posts all these gourmet-fied ordinary foods on his page, eliciting excitement from his friends. 

These are just some of the simple dishes we have spotted on social media that have been given a gourmet upgrade. 

Phutù de Milque (Phutu and Maas)

The first dish that has been doing rounds on social media was the “Phutù de Milque” which is known to be phuthu (a traditional preparation method of maize meal in South African cuisine) and milk. 

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In my tradition this meal is called umvubo (or amasi in Zulu), which is the mixture of crumbly pap and sour milk. 

Polenta & Zulu sausage with native chakalaka

Then there was the “Polenta & Zulu sausage with native chakalaka” dish, which is basically pap and wors with chakalaka. This is one of the much loved dishes in South Africa. The only problem with people who love this meal is that they like to have it in big portions, I mean it is shisanyama. I guess people will be going for two plates each on this one, what are your thoughts? 

Breakfast Bits

It is said breakfast is the most important meal of the day but this “breakfast bits” dish doesn’t do appeal to me. I eat to get full and not to snack. I need milk on my cereal. However, it's pretty to look at and I doubt they ate the corn flakes without milk. Cute presentation though. 

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