Stanley Beer Yard and Chocoloza want you to pair beer and chocolate Picture: Supplied
Do you know which brew pairs best with your favourite sweets? Stanley Beer Yard and Chocoloza has got you covered as they have come together to present a truly unique experience; chocolate and beer pairing.
Not only will you be able to satisfy your sweet tooth, but you'll unwind with your delicious beer the right way. 

Stanley Beer Yard is an original event venue and idyllic space nestled in 44 Stanley in Milpark, Johannesburg. It offers a selection of craft beer, tequila, ciders and boutique wines as well as some, home-style food from a brand new menu and Chocoloza is an all-natural Belgian chocolate supplier also located in 44 Stanley.  

Owner at Stanley Beer Yard, Larry Hodes said: “The chocolaterie uses only local ingredients- no preservatives, artificial flavours or palm oil. Beer goes well with many types of foods and dishes. Apart from the complementary flavours now available through the wide variety of beer styles now available, beer is carbonated, which refreshes the palate between bites. People should drink beer with chocolate to compliment or enhance the experience of the beer, the chocolate or both”.

“Chocolate and beer pairing is relatively a new concept, especially in the South African market. It has been done, but it is yet to be explored in depth. The aim of the event is to highlight the use of beer as a culinary companion to enhance and enjoy meals. Wine pairings are common and well known, but beer pairings are virtually unknown to the South African market. With now our mature craft beer market, there are plenty of different beer styles, with a wide variety of flavours that can complement and enhance food”, said Hodes. 
He said there are a few very interesting things to look out for. They will be presenting each pairing with information and tasting notes about the beers, the chocolates and the pairing.

The event will take place on the 28th of November (Tuesday) at Stanley Beer Yard from 7pm until late.
Tickets are R150 and can be purchased under Quicket via the link: