Starbucks finally opened it's Durban store this morning, to the thrill many coffee lovers.
Starbucks, backed by Taste Holdings, will offer the full Starbucks range, featuring 100% Arabica coffee, and refreshing drinks such as Teavana iced teas.
Apart from a fresh food menu, there is a full Starbucks reserve bar, with small-lot coffees sourced from around the world and brewed through a variety of methods, including Siphon, Pour-Over, Black Eagle and the Clover machine. 
Speaking about the Starbucks Reserve Bar, the chief executive officer of Taste Holdings, Carlo Gonzaga said they were proud to open their first Starbucks reserve concept in Durban’s Florida Road.
“Starbucks reserve is a sub-brand of Starbucks and the new way forward with coffee. It is all about the small, rare coffees.
“These are not commonly found in the industry; they are rare and unique so, we won’t be able to guarantee supply every year with this coffee.
“We have a limited amount we would love to celebrate in the reserve bar. We have also tried to secure some extra stock of the pumpkin spice latte, which is a famous flavour, so it will be available but in limited quantities,” he said. 
Apart from the amazing coffee and stylishly decorated shop, it’s all about creating beautiful moments.
Presenting the world’s largest coffee brand, there will also be a wide range of food on the menu – pastries, cakes, brownies, salads, sandwiches and possibly even small-lot coffee and food pairings.
The small-lot coffees can be requested at the reserve bar. 
Barista Ishan Natalie introduced the coffees to us and suggested how each could be paired. 
Aged Sumatra coffee: It has an aroma of balsam leading to cocoa, earth and sweet tobacco notes. The Sumatra can be paired with smoked chicken sliders (black roll) with macadamias.
Options include: black sugar cones filled with mushroom risotto, hazelnuts, fillet and chocolate red wine syrup or dark chocolate and espresso ganaché cups, topped with gold chocolate balls and white chocolate and ground coffee shards.

Vietnam coffee: It has a vibrant acidity with highlights of kola nuts, toffee and vanilla. The Vietnam can be paired with honey chicken, with dried apricots and roasted onions, with a curry mayonnaise, served in a coffee shortcrust or beetroot fondants, topped with herbed goat’s cheese truffles, rolled in toasted sesame seeds and flower petals, topped with coffee caviar. 

Ethiopian coffee: It has bright red fruit, ripe banana and bittersweet chocolate accents. Pair it with brinjal, feta and elderflower with toasted sesame seeds, strawberries and mint salsa, or banana and prawn satay skewers with sesame seeds served on a floral wreath, or butternut and feta parcels with dukka and coriander.