Hard-boiled eggs. Picture: Pexels/Jane-D
Hard-boiled eggs. Picture: Pexels/Jane-D

Struggling to perfect easy-to-peel hard-boiled eggs? This Twitter thread will help you

By Lutho Pasiya Time of article published Aug 4, 2021

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Word on the streets is if you can boil an egg, then you can cook.

Surprisingly, there are many people who can’t make a perfect boiled egg that matches that of their favourite restaurant.

There are several ways to boil an egg, so that it will be thoroughly cooked, and yet almost as easily digested as if it were raw.

Recently, a Twitter user shared the ultimate guide on how to make the ideal boiled eggs.

The photo was shared by @Made0fmuscle, and was originally from the blog Good Eggs. It has received 2 700 likes and retweets since the time it was shared.

In the picture, there are four kinds of eggs shown, depending upon the time spent boiling them. At 6.5 minutes, there is the soft-boiled egg which is recommended for soups and noodles. The jammy egg is made after boiling for 7 minutes, and is said to be ideal for including in spring salads and even consuming raw with salt and pepper. At 8 minutes is the medium-boiled egg which can be made into an egg salad. And finally, the hard-boiled egg which is recommended for making devilled eggs as well as sauces and dips.

Users appreciated the guide to making the perfect boiled egg. Several asked about other boiled egg hacks.

Early last year, we also reported on how Real Homes staff writer Anna Cottrell suggested you boil eggs to achieve perfect results every time. Here’s what Cottrell said.

Soft-boiled eggs

"If you love your eggs soft-boiled, with a runny centre, boil them for five to five-and-a-half minutes maximum," wrote Cottrell. Her pro tip is to make sure the water is boiling before adding the eggs to the pot. And always make sure the eggs are fully submerged in the water.

"After they're done boiling, put them in cold water for half a minute to make them easier to handle."

Hard-boiled eggs

If you like your eggs hard-boiled, Cottrell recommends letting them simmer for at least 11 minutes. "We don't recommend boiling them for longer than 11 minutes, as the yolk will go too dry.“

Last-minute tip.

Many amateur cooks always ask whether they should salt the water for eggs. "Yes – always add a pinch of salt to your boiling water just before adding the eggs," she said. "Salted water is hotter (fact) and even prevents the eggs from cracking."

British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver also brought his egg-cooking hacks to the kitchen. In the below video, Oliver gets down to basics to make sure you never cook an egg the wrong way again. Dippy with soldiers or hard-boiled for a salad, he gives a step-by-step guide on achieving success.

Whichever guide you prefer, we hope it works out the next time you try making the perfect boiled egg.

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