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From eggs to bread and table sauces, there are certain foods that constantly cause arguments over whether they belong in the fridge or in a cupboard at room temperature.

Now Good Housekeeping Institute (GHI) has revealed the right way to store some of these controversial foods — as well as more unexpected items - that will last longer if kept chilled. 

From foundation to flowers, these are the things you should keep refrigerated to stop them from spoiling too quickly. 


If you keep your nuts in their packet in the cupboard or in a bowl on the table, stop at once as you might be ruining their flavour. 

'Heat can accelerate oxidisation in foods containing saturated fat, like Brazil nuts and cashews, so keeping them in the fridge will help retain their moisture,' say the experts at GHI. 

Keeping nuts chilled will also make them last longer. 

Keeping nuts in the fridge will retain its moisture.


"Modern freeze-drying techniques mean some bacteria can be stored in your medicine cupboard, but generally probiotics should be stored in the fridge," says GHI.

"This will slow down the process of heat killing the fragile bacteria. But remember to always follow the guidelines on the box."


It might seem strange to store your foundation in the fridge, but GHI says it can keep it in good condition. 

'The cold temperatures will stop the oils from spoiling,' the experts say.

'Make sure you keep it in an upright container to stop contamination between beauty products and food.'


There's a lot of debate about where to store your eggs but the official GHI advice is to keep them in the fridge.

"Shops tend to be cooler than our homes and don’t have the same temperature fluctuations," it reveals.

"Eggs should be stored below 20°C and British Lion Eggs, the safety regulator for eggs in the UK, recommends you keep them in the box. 

"Although the door is the most obvious place in the fridge, this is where the biggest fluctuation in temperatures occurs, so keep the eggs on the shelves inside.'

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Florists do it, so why don't you?

Keep flowers in the fridge if you've prematurely bought them for a friend or want them to last a little longer.

You just have to store them in the fridge in a vase overnight to keep them looking fresh as the moment you bought them. 

There's a lot of debate about where to keep table sauces: in the fridge or in a cupboard. But the official advice from GHI is to keep any open sauces in the fridge.

However, any vinegars and oils should be stored at room temperature.

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