Sushi doughnuts do exist. Picture from @pokeburri Instagram
Sushi doughnuts do exist. Picture from @pokeburri Instagram

Sushi doughnuts are a food trend

By Nathan Adams Time of article published Nov 5, 2018

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It’s a feast for the eyes - sushi doughnuts actually exist.

It’s hard to keep up with sushi trends, sushi pizza is still catching on around the globe, and now Poke Burri in Atlanta USA has created the sushi doughnut.

The shape is the only authentic doughnut element, the sushi isn’t actually sweetened.

What makes a sushi doughnut

You can choose from all the regulars on a sushi menu so there is really a sushi doughnut for all tastes.

There is a salmon, tuna and crab doughnut and a great selection of toppings including jalapeño, fried shallots, masago and picked ginger.

Instead of the icing sugar you’d expect on a doughnut you can choose raw fish, avocado or tempura flakes on your sushi doughnut.

For toppings you can select eel sauce or wasabi mayo.

This sushi franchise is the same team that perfect the sushi pizza and they have a very innovative and creative sushi menu so the sushi doughnut is right at home.

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