The ANC birthday cakes this year is a slight improvement. Twitter

It's that time of the year for the ANC to celebrate it's birthday and all eyes are on the cake.

Sadly it's something that's gone from batter to worse most years, but this year there appears to have been a change of baking fortunes and a steady improvement.

Last year the party got some help from the opposition when Nadine Taylor from Taylor Treats in the Eastern Cape boasted that she was able to put aside her allegiances to the Democratic Alliance (of which she is a member) and bake the ANC's cake.

Cake cutting ceremonies took place across the country on January 8 and there appeared to be no spelling errors or baking disasters in sight, unlike last year.

This year the cakes look better, but this doesn't stop social media savages.

Despite all eyes on the cake, and criticisms aside, the party has committed to cutting the cake and donating it to various old age homes, HIV/Aids centres and orphanages across KwaZulu-Natal where the birthday celebrations continue