Pizza is a very popular takeaway, but are high in kilojoules. Picture: Pexels

If you want to feel your best around the pool this summer, you made need to rethink what you eat. Dietitian for Slender Wonder and Geneway, Dr Christa North lists the best and worst foods to eat while you're working on your summer body. 

The best foods: 


Eggs are perfect for breakfast. They are nutrient dense and increase the feeling of fullness (satiety) - thus keeping you going longer before reaching for a snack. Proteins also increase the metabolic rate.

Eggs. Picture: Pexels

Lentils or chickpeas 

These are high in protein and fibre, contributing to feelings of fullness and a lower energy intake. Fibre helps to get rid of toxins.

Apple cider vinegar

This can be useful for weight loss. 15 to 30ml per day especially with meals can help to lower the glycemic load of the meal.


This may suppress appetite when eaten before meals and help to improve insulin resistance. Watch out though, grapefruit may interfere with the metabolism of many chronic medications.

Spinach and other leafy greens 

These increase the volume of your meals, without increasing the kilojoules. Studies show that meals with a low energy density make people eat fewer kilojoules overall.  

Ice cream is high in kilojoules. Picture: Pexels

Worst foods:

Sugary drinks  

Avoid these at all costs. They are strongly associated with weight gain and spike your blood sugar level that then gets converted into fat easily.


Cut back on alcohol or skip it altogether. This almost certainly to help you lose weight. 

Cut back on your alcohol intake. Picture: Pexels

Ice cream

Ice cream is high in kilojoules, saturated fats and loaded with sugar.  


This is a very popular takeaway, but they are extremely high in kilojoules and often contain unhealthy ingredients like highly refined flour and processed meats.

French Fries and Potato Chips

These are fattening- bottom line. One study found that potato chips may contribute to more weight gain per serving than any other food.